I am thankful for pickleball, are you?

Yes, I am thankful for pickleball just like thousands of other players around the world. This sport brings people together, provides a place for active and heathy participation and is just so FUN! I also find that new pickleball friends are always around the corner and around the world. And, my current pickleball friends are all unique “characters” that I so enjoy and love. ♥

I shared this same thought as a post on my Facebook page and the following players’ replies illustrate what the sport means to so many.

I am thankful for pickleball because:

Clare – It has opened me up to a whole new world of friends and competition! (and I can eat more turkey after 4 hours of pickleball).

Patricia – It allows me to grow as a person in a fun environment. Meet so many people and challenge myself to learn.

Jan – Gets me off the couch and in the courts. I enjoy the friendships so much! 2763.png

Alex – It gets me out of the office and allows me guilt-free M&Ms / Diet Coke consumption!! (Ok, and the game is fun and the people awesome…. There’s that, too 😜)

Deborah – It has helped me to find happiness while on my journey through grief.

Stephanie – It gives me a way to share my passion of competition, relationships & travel all in one!!

Bill – My wife and I have a healthy outlet for our Competitive natures!

Shannon – Allows us to go to 25+ tournaments a year and has catapulted us out of retirement into a full time business…. that we love!

DeAnne – Provides me with friends that I call Family, activity for health and socialization for my personality… Keep on Living One Game at a Time!

Andrew – For 0-0-2 and the promise of wonderful things to come!

Agatha – It gets me off of Netflix and gave me a new healthy addiction.

Anne –  It’s an athletic endeavor that my husband and I can enjoy together, I’ve met some fantastic folks and made some great friends.

Susan – I love all the great people I’ve meet! And I also love the competition and laughter on the court!

Sally – I’m thankful for the opportunity to be active, and always meeting great people. Planning and playing in tournaments has added a level of daily joy and happiness that keeps my mind sharp, my health excellent and a gives me amazing friendships!!

Skip – Pickleball is a life saver. Great exercise and many many good people that play. Awesome game.

Chris – It has introduced me to so many wonderful people and new friends.

Orlena – I get to meet new people and challenge myself 🏓

Carolyn – It changed my life over ten years ago! And it’s why I get out of bed in the morning! So many friends and a great job! Can’t say how thankful I am!

Pauline – I just feel so great after getting some exercise on the courts and all the laughs.