Alex tells me to show up at the church courts and be ready to play in the kitchen. Well, that is exactly what we did in the making of this fun Pickleball 411 video with Pickleball Channel.

Questions come up all the time regarding the rules of the kitchen or the non-volley zone (these two terms refer to the same thing).

When can I go into the kitchen?

How long can I be there?

Well… the basic rule says: You’re NOT allowed to volley when you are standing in the kitchen OR touching the kitchen line.

Listen, laugh and learn!

Watch: Pickleball 411 – 3 Myths about being in the Kitchen

Alex Hamner shares her behind the scenes:

So it was a lot of fun to help Pickleball Channel with a video that should clear up many of the dink-related questions related to the kitchen. And aside from the basic hilarity I generally experience with our beloved blogger, there were a few favorite moments of Behind the Scenes action during the filming 🙂

Of course my most favorite parts don’t involve me – haha –

One that makes me laugh whenever I think of it is Jennifer blowing her debunking line – “Let the dekubunking begin!” she bellowed the first time.

And then there’s the practicing of Jennifer getting hit with all those balls. Jennifer: ‘Harder! Straighter! More balls!’  Me: Let me show you how hard to throw them!

Okay – I’ll share a bit about me too – I was sooooo concerned about my skirt since I was sitting in that low chair with the camera shooting from above – there was a lot of effort put into my “placement”. And, I missed a lot of those dinks when I sitting there!! (But to my benefit – I was trying to not look away from the camera …. and you KNOW you gotta watch the ball or you’re going to flub it!)

The St. Michael’s location is awesome – so many pedestrians, locals and tourists alike, walk by these cool courts that are in the heart of Carlsbad, and every day people stop and watch the play either from the sidewalk or they come sit courtside for a bit. And that happened while we were filming … like it was just another day at the courts!

Thanks Alex for a peek into the bloopers! Thanks Pickleball Channel for the FUN. Now here are some behind the scenes photos to entertain you more:

Myths about the kitchen