Give me the ball! You’ll be amazed what this simple trick can do for your game. It can make you more aware, engaged, focused, and ultimately, it can set you up for hitting the next winner. What is this quick and easy tip? Watch this quick-tip video from Pickleball Channel to find out:


When you’re on the kitchen line, do you have your hands down? Paddle dropped or to one side? Are you saying to yourself, please don’t hit it to me? Are you nervous about messing up the game point? Then you probably will!

This is what should be going through your brain when you are hugging the kitchen line; give me the ball, give me the ball, give me the ball! Yep, this is a very simple tip, but so powerful.

So, use this tip, hey it’s free, no clinic or boot camp to attend. This one, simple idea can really boost your skill, reflexes and mental readiness.

So, step on the court, get on the kitchen line, get your paddle in the ready position and boldly think GIVE ME THE BALL! Then give it the old Hi-YAH for a WINNER.







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