There are a lot of crafty people everywhere but I have a friend that takes cracked pickleballs to a whole new level. Here are a few photos, maybe you too can create your own pickleball craft with unique designs and trophies.10270310_10200832664297609_2895009227862996628_n

This awesome artist and avid pickleball player is Lydia R, of Oceanside, CA. She says  “I had so much fun knowing that I could do something like this to make friends “crack” up.  These crafts started out to be just a one-time thing but before I knew it my inventory of cracked pickleballs grew. Since I am involved in a monthly ladies round robin, I got the idea of making trophies with these same cracked balls. Every month I have been making trophies and pickleball artwork for my friends to enjoy. We just crack each other up!”lydia.craft.1-1