The other day I received a question from a subscriber and reader of my (and my mom’s) book. Here’s the question:

“Why does the first serving team (in doubles) only get one serve rotation? I haven’t seen that addressed in your book or in any rule descriptions. This may be a silly question, but I get it from people all the time.”
Matt F from: Chico/Indio/Lake Almanor, CA

Great question! I figured I’d share the answer here because maybe others have wondered the same thing. From day one the creators of the game wanted to keep the game as FAIR AND BALANCED as possible. Regarding the serve, to accomplish this there couldn’t be a big advantage for the first serving team. Because you can only win points while serving (we all know how a team can get on a streak), if the first team got two serves they would have an even greater advantage. So, the alternative was to give them just one serve.

Hope this helps clarify.


If you are wondering what book I am referring to its History of Pickleball – More Than 50 Years of Fun! available at Pickleball Central and Amazon.