USAPA Nationals Open Women Singles- Talk with Bonnie and Alex

Playing singles in pickleball can be so challenging, both mentally and physically. And yes I said physically- for all those non-pickleball players that wonder how can pickleball singles on that smaller court be tough? How do you get a workout? I say just give it a try- playing someone the same level as you or [...]

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USAPA Nationals VII Mens Open Singles Final

USAPA Nationals VII Mens Open Singles Final. This 2015 pickleball final shows Marcin Rozpedski (dark blue shirt) vs. Daniel Moore (white shirt). This final was delayed one day due to rain. The weather during this match had 25 mph wind at 50 degrees. Awesome points by both sides!  #pickleball  #nationalsvii

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International Pickleball Tournament 2015, Part 2 of 2

Here is part two of the fun had at the International Pickleball Tournament 2015! (In case you missed it, here is Part One). Feel free to share this with your pickleball friends. In September over 130 total participants from nine different countries and three continents took part in the first International Pickleball Tournament in Madrid, [...]

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International Pickleball Tournament 2015, Part 1 of 2

Hello pickleball world! With players from 10 countries participating, the first annual International Pickleball Tournament 2015 held in Madrid, Spain is now in the history books. This was an extra special pickleball adventure for me for many reasons, but a couple highlights include traveling to beautiful Spain and getting to play Pickleball in new place [...]

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2015 Pickleball Canada Eastern Nationals

The July 2015 Pickleball Canada Eastern Nationals are in the record books. I’ve heard that both the West and East events were huge successes with a combined total of 550 players who traveled from all over to attend. We all know how fast this sport is growing so having two Nationals allowed more play which [...]

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Happy 50th Birthday to Pickleball

Happy 50th birthday pickleball! Just think 50 years ago pickleball was created by families having fun one summer day on Bainbridge Island, WA. To celebrate this milestone Alex Hamner and I made the trek to visit our buddy Barney McCallum – the last surviving founder of pickleball. We spent several days visiting, exploring, playing, laughing [...]

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