CBS Sports Network to Televise Pickleball

The MINTO US Open Pickleball Championships will be televised this Friday, May 20th at 7pm eastern, and again Monday, May 23rd at 7pm eastern. This national TV coverage on the CBS Sports Network (CBSSN) will bring pickleball to over 50 million subscribers. CBSSN has announced two air times; call your cable provider to make sure you [...]

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US Open Pickleball Championships

Are your bags packed and ready to go? Minto US Open Pickleball 2016 Championships will be held in Naples, Florida, April 26 - May 1, 2016. Come experience another first for the sport of pickleball! Follow the daily fun and a behind the scenes look by FOLLOWING me at:  and  

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Pickleball Turns 50

This year marked the golden anniversary of pickleball, and while some celebrations and festivities happened, there were not as many as I thought would have, or had even hoped for. I think it is a big deal that this sport started 50 years ago, and today is the last day to celebrate that pickleball has officially turned 50! [...]

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Tennis RIP – Pickleball is the Sport

Recently, Allie and I played tennis for the first time in over a year with our two best buds. Our friends are excellent tennis players.  She has played highly successful competitive tennis for over sixty-five years.  He is a former 5.0 player whose 70+ team finished second in the USTA national team competition a few [...]

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