Pickleball Basics – Stop, Hit and Move

Pickleball 101 – do not rush and run through your shot to get to the kitchen (non-volley) line, you should Stop, Hit and Move. This is a pickleball basic and one of the first lessons that should be taught in a good pickleball clinic or class. The overall goal when playing is ALWAYS to get [...]

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Don’t Do Pickleball Drills

Don't do pickleball drills. What does that mean? Everywhere you look new pickleball video drills and instructions are coming up across the web and to your neighborhood. This is good that more are talking about drills because let’s face it, there is a big demand from pickleball players on how to get to the next level [...]

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Pickleball serve

Did you know that you can have a strategic serve? Did you know you have many options of how and where to serve? Some players and coaches think the serve is just a way to start play – soft lob in court and game on. There is lots of debate and philosophy on this topic, [...]

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