Jennifer’s Favorite Things – Pickleball 2016

Yep, if Oprah can have her yearly favorite things, I thought why can’t I? Jennifer's favorite things - pickleball 2016. Tis the season of giving and celebration – and why wouldn’t you give your favorite pickleball player something you know they’ll want… something pickleball. Here is a list of passionate pickleball players that create and [...]

Inventor of the Rotating Paddle Holder

Let me introduce you to the inventor of this rotating paddle holder – Lon Jones! Many of us have encountered the challenge of open play and keeping track of who’s next up and who’s in line. Sometimes this is a juggling mess of moving pickleball paddles. Here Lon shares his custom creation - the rotating [...]

Holiday Crafts with Pickleballs

Players are so creative and crafty with the use of pickleballs and recycling the balls for another life. Here are some photos of holiday crafts with pickleballs that I found on Facebook. The one idea of using the colorful pickleballs with a string of lights is great. The twinkle lights fit right into the pickleball holes. [...]

Halloween Pickleball Craft

Halloween pickleball crafts - here are a few great ideas on reusing broken pickleballs. Save those broken pickleball and use them throughout the year on cool crafts. These scary decorations hung along the fence, net and net posts to help celebrate the Halloween holiday on the pickleball court.

Personalize your pickleball medals

As time goes on and your medal collection grows, it is a good idea to personalize your pickleball medals by documenting the year and even your partners name on the medal itself. This way, when you are older- and then really old, you can look back and reflect on all your accomplishments over the years. [...]

Get crafty with cracked pickleballs

There are a lot of crafty people everywhere but I have a friend that takes cracked pickleballs to a whole new level. Here are a few photos, maybe you too can create your own pickleball craft with unique designs and trophies. This awesome artist and avid pickleball player is Lydia R, of Oceanside, CA. She [...]